We are committed to providing a first-class nationwide service for you and truly care about getting the job done properly and safely. Our team of professionals will be on hand to understand your specific requirements and will do everything possible to meet them so you can go back to running your business smoothly. We are also proud to be members of and accredited by pallet link, the environment agency, the road haulage association, and the national association of pallet distributors.
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With our wide range of pallet products and a number of services available, we ensure we are consistent in all areas of the business so your needs are satisfied.

Other Services We Provide

New Wooden Pallets
Quality assured, we manufacture and deliver new wood pallets into multiple industry sectors
used Wooden pallets for sale UK
Our used pallets stock are refurbished to a high standard and at around 60% the cost of new pallets.
Heat Treated Pallets
We manufacture and processes thousands of new and recycled pallets for heat treatment to comply with ISPM15.
plastic pallets UK
Palletcraft Ltd specialises in a wide variety of reinforced plastic pallets, ranging in style, size, and strength to suit every budget.
CP pallets UK
This pallet was originally intended to bring unity to pallets that are used for the chemical and plastic industry in Europe.
Reconditioned Pallets for sale UK
All our Recycled / Reconditioned Pallets have been hand checked, graded & repaired, with exceptional.
Bespoke pallets UK
Any pallet, any size, any specification. We can supply pallets to your specification and quantity.
Epal Euro Pallets in UK
An EPAL euro pallet is a wooden pallet with specific dimensions and properties defined by the European Pallet Association.
Pallet Collars for sale in UK
These strong and durable wooden pallet collars fit on standard pallets and are a great way of storing and dispatching goods.
Pallet Collection in UK
At Palletcraft Ltd, we are more than happy to buy unwanted pallets that are in good condition or are repairable.
Packing Cases for sale UK
Our damp and humidity resistant plywood packing cases when exporting goods around the world.
Pallet Repairing in UK
We offer pallet repair service in which all damaged pallets are collected, repaired & returned to their original standard.

Pallet Gallery

Find out more about Pallet Craft and book your project in for a free quote!
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We stock around 100,000 multi-variety pallets for immediate dispatch and collection. Our on-site facilities are used for the heat treatment and kiln drying of pallets to IPSM15 standards to meet export regulations. Providing a range of sustainable new pallets, you can benefit from a quality and reliable product that can help improve your business operations. Our supply of reconditioned and second-hand pallets are an important cost-effective alternative to purchasing new timber pallets.
Alongside our huge stock, our reliable team are also available to carry out pallet collection and a full repair service at our extensive facilities. Should you have any unwanted pallets in your possession, we also offer to buy them off you. For more information about our services, simply get in touch with us to request a free quotation and we’ll be happy to help.
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Together, we deliver more.

Find out more about Pallet Craft and book your project in for a free quote!
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