Epal Euro Pallets

Our Euro pallets are designed and built specifically for use on shipping containers to Europe, on European Railways and in other locations which use the EPAL standard. We follow all EPAL manufacturing guidelines and specifications to ensure your goods arrive without any trouble and fit into the logistics systems in the country of your destination.

Export your goods to Europe with an EPAL Euro pallet.

If you’re exporting to European countries, then you need European Pallet Association (EPAL) pallets so your goods can be handled easily when they arrive. Our EPAL Euro wooden pallets are compliant with all EPAL standards for construction and materials, and they have been treated for ISPM 15 compliance so your goods won’t be delayed in customs or quarantine. As leading Euro pallet suppliers, our lightweight EPAL Euro pallets are reliable and high-quality, suitable for export to Europe and many other countries which use a European pallet pool.

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