Used Wooden Pallets

Recycling wooden pallets are a more environmentally-friendly solution to transporting goods than cutting down more trees to build new pallets. Our cheap pallets are more affordable than new ones and just as effective at getting the job done.

We specialise in used pallets

Used pallets do exactly the same job as brand new ones, but they’re cheaper and better for the environment. Recycled pallets are every bit as strong and durable as new ones. So why not buy old pallets? We have a huge range of used standard pallets and custom-made pallets to suit a variety of local and international shipping uses. Whether you need secondhand timber pallets for light products or heavy-duty industrial applications, we have the refurbished pallets for sale that you need. You’ll find used pallets for sale at Pallet Craft that are just as good as new ones and less expensive.

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